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As retail shopping becomes commoditized and gaps in price and selection decrease, consumers are being driven more by brand experience.  They want convenience and a unique experience to drive them to a store. They are demanding personalization and a strong digital presence. The customer experience STARTS with the data, what you know, about the customer.  Having the data helps you create the unique experiences they want and the personalization they expect.

That’s where Lumentis can step in to help.

Why We Need Better Data Tools

Watch this 1-minute video that shows why we built Lumentis and the power it has to identify new in-store and online customers.

See How It Works

Watch this 4-minute in-depth video where we show how a local retailer can find and attract new shoppers.

Find Your Next Customer.

You know they are out there. New customers. Lumentis helps you zero in on your top prospects and determine precisely who they are.

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