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Connecting with an audience has been a growing challenge for ministries over the last decade. Donations, sponsors, and volunteering are all decreasing. But why? People are becoming increasingly distracted by the world through social media, apps and on-demand media. In order to reach people in this changing technology culture, we have to know who our audience is and how to reach them. Blasting out the same request over email and direct mail is no longer enough. We have to engage our audiences in the conversation. But this can’t be done without great data and an understanding of who our audience is.

That’s where Lumentis can step in to help.

Why We Need Better Data Tools

Watch this 1-minute video that shows why we built Lumentis and the power it has to identify our ministry audience and reach.

Find Your Next Supporter.

You know they are out there. New volunteers, new donors, new customers. Lumentis helps you zero in on your top prospects and determine precisely who they are.

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