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Get More Customers with Ad Nurturing

Ad Nurturing Makes Your Budget Go Farther By Turning More Visitors Into Customers

If you use email as part of your marketing, you are probably familiar with email nurturing.  That is the practice of dripping out emails to contacts in your database over time to get them to convert to a customer along the journey.  It is a great marketing automation technique that helps drive more businesses in the door.

Over at our parent company Click Laboratory, we’ve been experimenting in our lab with the same idea using ads on Facebook and Google.  We call it simply enough Ad Nurturing.

The basic idea is that you want to present ads to your segmented audiences over time.  This way you can introduce them to your brand gradually and thus build trust with the viewer who is not familiar with your products or store.

Ad Nurture Sequence

Ad Nurturing has been shown to boost ROAS above existing ads by an average 8.7.

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The Problem With Ads Today

You want to reach new customers that may or may not have ever bought your products or visited your store. How do you get them to pay attention?

The Solution

We have found that telling a story over time through creative ads and video builds trust and awareness to turn people into curious customers with a much better ROAS than any normal ad strategy.

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