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Find Your Customer

Every marketing expert knows that delivering personalized campaigns will always improve conversion rates. Lumentis helps you see your customers and look-alike audiences online and offline.  Start identifying higher quality prospects with the details you need to create more effective campaigns.

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Filter Household Records

With 20+ data filters and many custom filters, see households in a new way and filter down to just your prospects.

Download Household Data

Once you identify the best households, download the data and use it in your own campaigns.

Available Across the US

Lumentis provides consumer data on all US households. But we are not limited. We have over 1500 fields you can use to find your customer.

Upload Your Data

Upload a file or synchronize with your CRM to see your current customers and leads.

Easily Synchronize
Your Customer Data

Lumentis keeps your customer records synchronized so you can see geographic and demographic trends over time. This way, you can make better strategic decisions on how to reach your market.

Imagine Your Marketing
Simplified With Lumentis

You can stop working with imported spreadsheets or databases. Stop dealing with poor quality customer records. Lumentis gives marketing the ability to focus on what marketing does best, growing the business.

Decrease your marketing spend by only selecting only the target households you’re interested in.

Your Productivity
Boosted With Lumentis

Lumentis changes the way you work with customer data. Visualize your customers, where they live, and gain significant new insights so that you can grow your list of customers.

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The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you reach customers & enjoy marketing again.

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