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Facebook Ads is becoming increasingly challenging to use to reach desired customers.

They took away the ability to target demographic audiences and they took away huge segments of interest groups.

Fortunately for the business owner, the audience on Facebook is still HUGE and growing.

For all of the complaints and everyone saying they are leaving the platform, it hasn’t really happened as much as you might think.  Facebook is still growing 12-15% yearly.

Your audience is still here, but reaching them is a lot harder than it used to be.  It is no longer the wild wild west.

Using demographic data from Lumentis for creating FB Audiences our customers have been more successful with their local outreach since these changes.

Demographic Audience Targeting on Facebook for E-Commerce Brand

For example, we ran the FB campaign below for an amazing outdoor lighting e-commerce company.

In this campaign, we specifically advertised to the neighbors of their customers using specific demographics (time living in the home, home ownership, income level, distance from customer).

The solution here is not relying solely on Facebook Ads to create your audiences. Using our demographic data integration with Facebook Ads in Lumentis for this campaign, we were able to target the neighbors of their customers to:

  1. reach a very specific demographic group so ad dollars were not wasted,
  2. track that the ad dollars spent resulted in sales over time, and
  3. measure the true effectiveness of specific ad campaigns from FB.

The highest ROAS reached on these campaigns was above 50.  That in itself is an amazing metric.  Those were built as lookalike audiences to the main campaign which had the lowest ROAS, the one called Neighbors Direct.

What you have to understand is that Facebook’s tracking is terrible.  They can only see so much data, their window of tracking is short, and the platform is not known for good last-touch attribution which Google mostly uses.

So knowing the real impact on revenue of Facebook Ads is challenging. As a business, you need these insights to make decisions on advertising budgets and channels.

For this campaign, since we knew the specific households being targeted in ads were, we were able to tie this directly back to sales data.  So where Facebook Ads reported a 4.72 ROAS, which would normally be very acceptable, we were able to prove a 140 ROAS because of all the sales missed by Facebook.  That’s a HUGE difference.

If you want to use Facebook Ads for consumer sales and awareness, then reach out and we can find a way to build campaigns to grow your business.

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