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Million High School Grads
Million Registered Students
Million Students in Community College

There is a huge and growing competition for new students to attend local classes or attend online classes.  Enrollments in 4-year and non-profit schools are declining.  Government funding is decreasing. Whether new students are fresh out of high school or have been in the workforce for years, lots of money is being spent to attract new students in this highly-competitive market. But drop out rates are increasing and educational institutions, whether for profit or not-for-profit are fighting for new ways to increase and maintain enrollment.  Finding the right student, that will stay the course, depends on using the right data to identify those best students.

That’s where Lumentis can step in to help.

Why We Need Better Data Tools

Watch this 1-minute video that shows why we built Lumentis and the power it has to identify new online and classroom students.

See How It Works

Watch this 5-minute in-depth video where we show how a local school can find new local student prospects.

Find Your Next Student.

You know they are out there. New students. Lumentis helps you zero in on your top prospects and determine precisely who they are.

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