Attracting Adult Students for Continuing Education

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Attracting new students to a college or regional community college is extremely important to the health and growth of any institution. But is having the best courses, resources, and programs all you have to rely on to attract new students? In this hyper-competitive market, simply having good programs is not enough, especially when there are so many online universities and certification programs competing for the same market. 3 Strategies for Finding New, High-Quality Students Just because you have a great program, does not mean everyone knows about it. I honestly have no idea what programs my community college offers.  Even though…

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How Using Consumer Data Effectively Can Avoid Wasting Marketing Budgets

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Your marketing budget is likely one of the largest budgets in your business. It’s also one budget where you may later determine that you wasted a lot of money for very little gain. The problem is that it can be very difficult to anticipate market trends and what customers will respond to. Even the most amazing product can fail if you don’t market it in the right way. To avoid as much waste as possible, it’s very important that you gather as much data about your customers and potential customers as you can. Analyzing this data and putting it to…

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