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Target your customers, not keywords.

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Lumentis Powers Your Consumer Marketing

Your business is dependent on consumers.  We live and breathe consumer marketing. Platforms like Facebook have removed the ability to use demographics to reach your customers.  Using up-to-date consumer data is the number one lever used to improve sales whether you sell online or from a retail storefront. Lumentis gives back the control you need to reach your next customer.

Use Lumentis to reach consumers using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email, and Direct Mail.

Of Businesses Are Advertising to Interests and Keywords, Not to Consumers
Of Advertising Budgets are Wasted Because of Poor Geo Targeting
Of Small Businesses Waste Ad Spend Just By Targeting Keywords Only

Get your Facebook ad budget back and reach consumers, not keywords.

Consumer Demographic Targeting In Your Industry


Knowing the demographics and geographics of customers helps retailers understand the personas of their buyers. You can enhance existing customer data to know more about existing customers. This data can then be used to create online and offline campaigns to a segment of your audience that is much more likely to capture attention.

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Knowing where to find new students to fill physical and virtual classrooms, is critical to the growth of any school.  Great data shows you where your prospective students are and who they are so that your marketing budget isn’t wasted.  Use Lumentis demographic data to find your next student.

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Mission focused ministries are focused on building awareness for an issue, increasing donors, getting people into Church and empowering people to take action.  Lumentis can be used to see a volunteer workforce differently, communicate with them differently and find and close gaps in outreach efforts.

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Find More Customers.


Find new patients.


Fill Your Seats.


Drive more sales.

Reach the Right Customers on Facebook.

You know they are out there. New consumers that want your product. Lumentis helps you zero in on the top consumers in your area and determine precisely who they are.

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